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Machine filling and packing of H1-ORP

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Price:22 000 $
Seller:Minenkova Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Machine H1-ORP packs and sealed packages of liquid and pasty food products, can be used at the enterprises of the dairy and canning industry. Dose : 1; 0,5; 0,25 liters.
Performs the following operations:
- unwinds from a roll film
deals on film date
- conducts bactericidal processing of a film
- shapes made of film sleeve,
- weld a longitudinal seam,
- weld a transverse seam,
fills the package to a specific dose of product,
- sucks air from the bag,
- simultaneously cuts and seals the package
with the help of a conveyor removes the finished products in the acceptance table.

Machine control is executed by programmable controller.
Application in programmable controller allows you to synchronize all nodes of the machine, to reduce the influence of fluctuations of the voltage supply and the pressure in the air highway Department.
The work of all units of the machine provides a pneumatic system.
The ride cylinders is regulated by chokes:
up fast, down slow.

Packing material - polyethylene film THAT 6-19-353-87,
thickness 0.09 mm, coil width 320 mm, roller Ø 320, ø sleeve 70.
Package dimensions 110х150

Tape marking tape hot stamping 474 TU 29.02-1095-85,
width 70 mm, or two for 35mm (Ǿ90, Ŀ =210m, 42 000 packets)

To date the mechanism for heating pads applied digital controller, which allows maintaining the optimum heating temperature digits 120° -140°. Heaters ten finger 0063 24 L=40 Ø8
The machine is equipped with an additional digital block that allows you to quickly change the date. To date the mechanism includes a roller locking position application date.
When pulling the film brake lever is lifted and releases the strap through the pulley. Pulley rigidly connected to the shaft of romanterrell. Roll inertia is rotated, increasing a loop on the tape, the brake lever goes up and through the belt brakes the shaft of romanterrell. Bottom periodically
marking tape extends from the reel to the coil. Under the action of pressure roll plastic film with a marking foil is pressed to a heated Dating mechanism.

The machine is equipped with pneumatic valve Dy 50, which automatically regulates the flow of product into the tank. On the lid of the tank are mounted two sensor-level product ( min 16 liters, max 60). Inside the tank is
the pneumatic cylinder which forcibly opens the upper valve of the dispenser.

With the aim of improving the dosing accuracy and the exclusion of air leak at the junction of the tank, dispenser and pipe the filling connection of the nodes is carried out through a tee with the valve for the dairy industry.
Dispenser: steel 12KH18N10T 95х10 L=225 + pipe = 250 mm
Cuff 80 x 65 – 4 GOST 14896-84.
On the cylinder of the dispenser installed sensors end position of the piston of the cylinder that allows you to stabilize the dose of the product and to improve the accuracy of dosing.
At the nodes of the longitudinal and transverse seam sealing for rapid temperature control of longitudinal and transverse heaters applied analog timers. The pulse current is fed in a longitudinal heater 30...40 A, the transverse 55-65A
The mechanism is provided with a longitudinal seam tape to scroll burned varnished cloth.
Heating element – strip CR20NI80-H 0,2х3П (sizes as ОР3-E Ļ=326, the ends of the length of 20 mm is coated with a M9) Dimensions can be 0.3 x 3.6 Heater cross made of wire CR20NI80 Ø2. at the ends of the tube 28 mm DCCM 4x1 KD 1500 L63, Ļ=280 mm. (in ОР3-prof E S=0,2 n=0,5, =235).

Upon customer's request the machine is equipped with device tags. (Sensor Е3Ś-VS1B4 made in JAPAN)

In the tube filling has a replaceable mesh to reduce foaming and to improve the accuracy of dosing.