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Machine for rinsing and steaming containers N1-BER

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Price:10 000 $
Seller:Minenkova Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Bankovaja the machine is designed for specialnogo rinsing and steaming cans and bottles. The device allows for cleaning and sterile processing of the containers before filling with product.
The equipment is made of stainless steel.
The technical characteristics remain unchanged.

Machine for washing bottles and jars consists of the following main parts:
- receiving and feeding device;
- initial and final perevorachivatel one of the cans;
bath washing and steaming.
The drive uses three gear reducer SITI (Italy). Frequency Converter LENZE (Germany) provides stepless capacity control.
Rinse bottles and cans can be equipped with rotary accumulation table H1-SPR for storage and supply of packaging to its receiving and a feeding device or for receiving and stacking already washed bottles and cans.
The principle of operation

Tara, neck up, is fed to the receiving conveyor-feeder and under the action of V-belts, variable effort, pushed through the initial flip. Turning 180 ° of the container, down the neck, enters the tank washing and steaming, which is carried out using special nozzles as washing of bottles (cans), and their sterile processing steam.
Then washed the outside and inside, the sterilized containers pass through the final flip, where they are turned to its original position.
When moving from one type of packaging to another, you must:
To change the initial and final perevorachivatel.
To adjust the position of the upper and the side rails in the tub and receiving the feeder.


Capacity: 8500
Brand: Nadiya
Type: Bankovaya machine
Color: Silver
Size: 5400х757х1695 mm
Weight: 350 kg
The height of the containers: 50 to 240 mm
Diameter of the inhalator jar: 50-155 mm
Water consumption: Not more than 240 l/h
Capacity control: Estupefacto
Packaging: Bottle, Bottle, Bank