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Machine for washing and cleaning vegetables N1-KOM

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Price:13 000 $
Seller:Minenkova Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy
The equipment is suitable for washing of root and cleaning of root crops from the skin at the enterprises of the canning industry.
Machine made fully stainless steel. (304)
The device and principle of operation of the machine
Frame is a welded construction of steel pipe to which is attached the hopper. In the lower part of the frame fixed drive.
The hopper is closed by a lid. The cover has a hatch for loading vegetables.
In the upper part of the hopper is installed a pipe with holes for watering. Water is supplied from the main highway.
Inside bunchea on bearings equipped with five shafts with brushes that are rotated by a motor through clutch with chain drives.
Brushes represent rings, which are staggered fixed bundles of bristles. Extreme brush fixed retaining rings.
When rotating rollers with brushes, including the wash shower, sink occurs as the roots, and peeling.
At the exit of the bunker there is a pocket with a flap that can be rotated on the axis, and thus open the way for vegetables from the hopper.
The equipment is mounted at a slight angle to the horizon (5°), whereby the product in the hopper in the washing process gradually moves from the loading to the derailer.
The performance of the machine can be changed by using the frequency Converter LENZE (Germany).
Performance 500 kg \ h Brand Nadiya Type Washing and cleaning of root crops Color Silver Size 1690х712х1870 (mm) Weight 372 kg Regulation performance estupefacto Installed capacity 3.0 kW