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Power transformers at the best price from the plant Board

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Company:AO "Elektroschit"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'

In recent years, many people often have started to ask a reasonable question: where to buy power transformer and how to choose? After all, to find a good company selling such transformers of various capacities is a complex task. In fact, somewhere seriously bite the cost, there is no guarantee of quality or have other issues. So in this article we decided to talk about how to select the transformer properly and consider where you can buy it at the best prices in Ukraine now.

Where to buy transformer

Now in Ukraine not so many companies that offer to buy them. And if the companies meet, they begin to raise serious questions about the quality or value. For example, we have to choose between high quality and low price, the optimum ratio can offer only a few. And one of the best companies at the moment, is a trading house Electroshield where everyone can access the best terms for themselves. Immediately highlight few main advantages of this company:

  • always set reasonable prices for transformers. After all, all transformers are sold without intermediaries and value added, as is often the case, if we turn to other producers;
  • provides a real guarantee of quality. Therefore, if the device something happens, everyone will be able to get a replacement or qualified repair;
  • the company is engaged in manufacturing of transformers. Accordingly, each will be able to find all required parameters;
  • in addition to the sale, the company provides services in the field of the design, installation and maintenance. Therefore, services are integrated and everyone can find all the necessary installation and subsequent maintenance of transformers on site;
  • in the catalog you can find all the necessary accessories for power transformers.

But if during selection you have questions or certain services unclear, you can always contact the consultants of the company Electroshield they will provide expert assistance in any situation.