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Unsurpassed quality halogen light

Offer type: salePublished: 07.04.2018
Price:200 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

To area, room or scene, which should take place a solemn event became more solemn and enchanting, rent the Arri 1000 watts. It's professional lighting device, which generates a powerful halogen light. Has the ability to regulate intense light beams, respectively, the intended environment. Light Arri 1000 watts is based on the Fresnel lens. It has a multi-light diameter from a few millimeters to several meters. In this case, we also provide hardware, which has such a large diameter that may be as complete and an additional source of halogen lights on the street and on the stage.
Light temperature Arri 1000 watts is around 3200K. this indicator allows you to adjust the light output as the temperature changes downward. So if you need to have a game with light, which is important in shopping centres, at exhibitions, concerts, parties.

Complete light installation completely

Not only do we rent arri light 1000W, but also provide assistance to professionals who install the equipment and disassemble it. And also – a full range of optional devices, extension cords, stands and other items. Thanks to complete set of equipment to rent arri light we have a very profitable.
As the world moves forward, and the requirements for the equipment from customers also increased. We are happy to announce that all the equipment that we can rent meets the highest standards of modern requirements. You are guaranteed to use only high-quality light devices that will not spoil the mood of sudden breakdowns. To order you can at any time by phone or 067-112-15-14 093-011-52-73