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The mortar forced type SBP-200 600 l

Offer type: salePublished: 07.04.2018
Seller:Reznik Olena
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

The mortar forced type SBP-200 – hi-tech bowl-shaped design is provided for mixing dry, semi-dry construction materials of high density.

SBP-200 is the ideal unit for mixing the compounds used to manufacture paving slabs. Kneading is performed using four blades placed inside the bowl volume 200 litres. The movement of the blade causes the motor power of 3 kW.


power-3 kW.
voltage-380 V.
the thickness of the metal:
the bottom is 5 mm.
the wall is 5 mm.
number of blades - 4 PCs.
Mixing time - 3 minutes.
Barrel diameter is 50 cm.
the height of the barrel - 100 cm
Weight - 350 kg.
The total volume of the tank - 600 l.

Also please note that in this model there is an active rotor, watering blend, protective grating, cutting knife bags, a planetary reducer.

The main difference between forced concrete mixers from simple gravity mixer is a faster mixing. The thickness of the metal bowl makes the device resistant to external and internal damage that affects the duration of use.

At the customer's request is available of the mixer 200 of the BSP the following components:

- top cap - mesh;
- skip;
- armor;
- rubber gasket blades.

Manufacturer's warranty - 1 year.