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Will regranulat (secondary granules) PVC

Offer type: salePublished: 04.04.2018
Seller:Piotr Baster
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Address:Poland, Krakow


Polish manufacturer METMIX in connection with the expansion of markets looking for partners for cooperation. We offer clean will regranulat (secondary granules) PVC (PVC), polyvinyl chlorideand soft, hardness 80-85 ShA. Color gray or black. In accordance with the wish client has the option of choosing color from the palette RAL.


We also offer rigid PVC, clean production grinding PE LD, hard - soft flour ground from the post-production of PVC.

Buy industrial waste: PVC profile, Windows, cover of PVC the seal of PVC Windows and other soft PVC (cast).



From 2,50 zł/kg

From 0,60 €/kg

Availability: up to 400 tons per month

There is a possibility price reduction. Work throughout Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Thanks cooperate with us You will get:

· Warranty high quality products according to European standards

· Low prices

· Quick shipping

· Professional service

If you have questions, please call or write:

tel: +48 798 960 024

F.H.U.P. Metmix
ul. Słowackiego 116
32-400 Myślenice
NIP 681-141-83-57
REGON 356290806