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Stationary vibrating press for the production of blocks E-400

Offer type: salePublished: 04.04.2018
Seller:Dvorak Artur
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

With stationary vibropress SUMAB E-400 can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, chimneys, curb blocks, paving stones and other products. Stationary machine for the production of blocks SUMAB E-400 is the optimal ratio of European quality and reasonable price.

Operation of the block machine is semi-automatic.

Capacity: 4500 blocks per shift (8h) (20x20x40 cm hollow block), 310-380 m3 per shift (8 h) (mm 60х200х100, paving slabs), 800-1000 m3 per shift (8 hours) (curbs, depending on the size and presence of additional layers).

Installed electric power: 15 kW.

Volume of hopper for main concrete: 700 L. the Volume of the outer hopper: 300 HP

Machine weight: 5200 kg.

Max product height: 330 mm. Minimum product height: 40 mm.

Maximum production area: 1100 x 500 mm.