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Vibropress for the production of blocks of R-400

Offer type: salePublished: 04.04.2018
Seller:Dvorak Artur
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Kirovohrad

With stationary vibropress Sumab R-400 can produce various kinds of concrete products: paving slabs, blocks (hollow, insulation, cinder blocks, PinBlock, etc.), curbs, paving, chimneys elements and other. Products can be produced with an additional layer of paint and solid surface.

The machine can be supplied in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.

Performance: 6912 blocks per shift (8 hours) (20x20x40 cm hollow block), 550-640 m3 per shift (8 hours) (paving), 1600-2000 m3 per shift (8 hours) (curbs, depending on the size and presence of additional layers).

Power consumption, max. is 23 kW.

The volume of the concrete hopper – 900 L. the Amount of extra material hopper for paint and solid surface products: - 900 horsepower

Machine weight with equipment for an extra layer of paint and solid surface products and moulds: 6500 kg.

Max product height: 330 mm. Minimum product height: 40 mm.

Maximum production area: 1100-1150 x 500 mm.

You can order additional options: silo, batch plant, additional mold