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Control cable stranded at the store Energostar

Offer type: salePublished: 03.04.2018
Company:Internet-magazin "Energostor"
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast', Tver'

Electricity, firmly took control of most areas in industrial and private life of mankind. Neither commercial nor industrial, nor domestic industry can not do without the use of force of electric current. As for its uninterrupted supply and long-term functioning of the service is necessary to attract high-quality equipment and supplies from a reliable supplier.

The company "ENERGOSTAL" has a wide range of cable and wiring and electrical equipment from leading Russian manufacturers. Cable, control, power, installation, non-insulated wire of SIP and other item from our catalog correspond to the high quality standards of GOST and TU. Supply wholesale and retail electrical installation and repair of electric grids 0.4-110 kV of any size — are a specialization of the enterprise "ENERGOSTAL". Our expert consultants know all about the products and help you pick the ordering that best meets all the needs of the client. It offers customers a huge selection of cable and conductor systems the most popular brands of various types and sections.

Offer to buy control cable

One of the main activities of our company — sale of control cable, aluminium and copper for laying in ducts, tunnels and indoors. Reliable insulation allows you to use cable products in the conditions of aggressive factors of environment. The main purpose of this kind of cable connections — joining them with: operating under conditions of DC and AC voltage. All the operational and technical characteristics meet the requirements for structures of this type. Before transport to the customer all products are tested and supplied with a full package of supporting documentation. It includes: certificates, passport and the testing protocols implemented by the product.

The company "ENERGOSTAL" guarantees excellent quality of any elektrotovary and immediate refund in the event identified by the client of the defect.