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Fungicide Impact selling Khmelnitsky.

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Price:324 UAH
Company:Kompaniya Agrohim
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Address:Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy, Ukraine
Buy fungicide Impact. Wholesale and retail. Impact to buy in Ukraine. Fungicide Impact on the price of 324 UAH per 1 liter.


The company Agrochim offers FUNGICIDE impact – systemic fungicide of wide spectrum of action, designed to protect crops from most pathogens. The drug is effective against powdery mildew, various types of rust, Fusarium head blight of, sepharose, pianoforte and other common diseases. It has high curative (healing), protective and preventive action can be applied on various crops – cereals, legumes, canola, beets, corn, sunflower.


Buy fungicide Impact and treatment of Apple-trees and vineyard.

Work fungicide Impact begins immediately, so the rain that has passed through half an hour after spraying, will not affect its effectiveness.


Read more about FUNGICIDE impact and huge range of our products you can see on our website.

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