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Of RSHI-25/8. RISHI-50/4. SHIV-50/2. SHIV-50/4. SHI-25/8

Offer type: salePublished: 30.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells "Stepper seekers".
Scope of RSHI 25/8 (passport PC3.250.071 D) can be used in vertical lathes brand 1541, 1512, 1516, 1532, 1525 and similar, previously produced Krasnodar machine-tool plant them. Sedin.
Types of the supplied stepper seekers of RSHI SHI, SHIV, PP.
Reversible (RSHI):
a series of RSHI-25/8 RS3 model.250.073 D
a series of RSHI-25/8 RS3 model.250.071 D
Irreversible (SHI):
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.034
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.035
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.038
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.041
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.048 D
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.049
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.051
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.060
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.065
series ШИ25/4 model RS3.250.067
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.033
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.040
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.040 D
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.043
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.046
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.051 D
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.058
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.061
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.063
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.063 D
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.064
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.064 D
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.066
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.066 D
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.079
series ШИ25/8 model RS3.250.099
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.032
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.039
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.042
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.045
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.047
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.050
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.052
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.056
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.057
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.059
series ШИ50/2 model RS3.250.093
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.045 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.052 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.053 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.057 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.058 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.065 D
series ШИ50/4 model RS3.250.098 D
Irreversible vibration-resistant (SHIV):
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.038
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.039
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.041
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.042
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.049
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.056
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.060
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.065 D
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.067
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.099
series ШИВ25/4 model RS3.250.131
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.033
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.040
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.043
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.045
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.046
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.051
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.059
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.061
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.063
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.066
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.079
series ШИВ25/8 model RS3.250.127
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.032
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.034
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.035
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.047
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.050
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.052
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.057
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.058
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.059
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.064
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.065
series ШИВ50/2 model RS3.250.093
series ШИВ50/4 model RS3.250.114
series ШИВ50/4 model RS3.250.414
Stepper seekers (RR):
model RR 3250009
model RR 3250016Д
model RR 4-070148
model РР3.250.009.
Also selling: Cell stepping YASHA-59.
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