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Lamp DRI-400-5 E40

Offer type: salePublished: 30.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells: Lamp DRI-400-5.
Lamp type: DRI 400-5.
Voltage: 220 V.
Power: 400 Watts.
Lumen: 36000 LM.
Colour temperature: 4200 K.
Ra: 65.
Average burn time: 10,000 hours.
Lamp dimensions: L 290mm * D 122mm * H 185mm.
Cap type: E40.
Metal halide discharge lamp of the type DRI 400-5 bulb ellipsoid. Lamp DRI 400-5 combines good color characteristics (color rendering index Ra=65) with high efficiency. Lamp DRI 400-5 in lighting equipment designed for internal and external lighting of public spaces, industrial premises, showrooms, Parking lots and gas stations, as well as for architectural illumination. Lamps are included in the network of alternating current with frequency 50 Hz voltage 220 with the appropriate starting equipment and the pulsed igniting device.
Features of discharge lamps of DRI 400-5:
- natural white color of light;
- high luminous flux and good color rendering;
- operation with a ballast device and ignition device;
- form outer bulb-ellipsoidea;
- flask pure, transparent;
- working lamp position vertical ±15°;
Metal halide lamps have a high luminous flux value and provide improved lighting of plants is most appropriate at the initial stage of plant growth.
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