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Pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20, spare parts for pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20

Offer type: salePublished: 05.09.2023
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
Pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20, spare parts for pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20

Pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20 spare parts for pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20
Pump liquefied gases 2НСГ-0,0890/20 piston pump of high specific speed with a compact cylindrical gear. Pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20 with mechanical adjustment of the flow range from 100% to 40% by changing the number of double strokes of the piston. Cryogenic pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20 are designed for pumping liquefied gases: oxygen, nitrogen, argon in the composition of the gasification of cryogenic or cryogenic air separation plants.
Cryogenic pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20 is used in stationary and transport cryogenic gasification systems, ensures the continuity of the gasification process and the results of gaseous products at the desired pressure with minimal loss in line, or for filling recipients. The performance of the pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20 is made for significant savings of electricity and the use of compressors in the process, cryogenic gasification.

Technical characteristics of the pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20Давление, МПа22,5Производительность, l/ч355Подача environments. when filling containers, l/ч355Потребляемая power, kw4,5Масса, кг225Габаритные dimensions, mm-Spare parts for pump 2НСГ-0,0890/20КлапанКлапанПрокладкаПрокладкапрокладкапрокладкапрокладкаворотниккольцокольцоэспандервтулкапоршеньпяташайбасальникфланецгайкафонарькорпус cylinder группыДвигательРедукторЦилиндровая pump group 2НСГ-0,0890/20

1 - heel; 2 - washer; 3 - gland; 4 - flange; 5, 21 - gasket; 8, 18 - a lining; 9, 19 - valve; 10 - nut; 11 - nipple; 13 - screw;
14 - nut; 15 - light; 16 - ring; 17 - gasket; 20 - casing; 22 - piston; 23 - bushing