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Marine diesel engines and spare parts of the availability of stock in Kherson

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2019
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Kherson, Ukraine

Marine diesel engines and spare parts from stock availability:

4Ч8,5/11; 4Ч10,5/13; 6Ч9,5/11; 6Ч12/14; 6Ч18/22; 6ЧН18/22; 6Ч23/30; 6ВД26/20; 6ЧН25/34; 1Д6; 1Д12; 3D6; 3Д6С2; 3D12A; 7Д6; 7Д12; NVD48A2U; 4VD26А-2; Skoda 6S27,5А2Л; SKODA6 S160; SKODA6 S160 RP; 6ДР30/50
Cylinder liner, cylinder liner, a bed, a cylinder unit piston rings, rings oil control, compression, piston, the gasket under the cylinder head , finger piston, liners, cylinder head, shirt cylinder, sea water pump, fresh water pump, camshaft , crankshaft , fuel injection equipment, plunger pair, sprayers, high pressure fuel pump.

-production RTI, bushings Goodrich,segments
- Engine 6Ч12/14 K-462M2
- Engine 4Ч10,5/13 K-962М2

-Engine 3D12 and 3D6
- Engine 6НВД48А-2U

shipping valves

-alkaline rechargeable batteries NC-125,NC-80,NC-55

-pumps(tsvs,NCV etc)

air compressor (EK2-150,HPC-M(G),2ОК-1)

-separators SP-1,5,SP-3

-Instrumentation (relays, thermometers ,manometers ,tachometers ,sensors)

-hull fittings :marine door ,cover the Windows

shipping filters: ETP-2, ETP-3, Narva 6, Daspa

-RTDM-80 and RTDM-100