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Potassium HUMATE with microelements, TM Arrogant

Offer type: salePublished: 23.04.2016
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih
Minudobrenie "Arrogant" is an extract of sapropel and of leonardite(sedimentary layers of soft brown coal), enriched with trace elements in chelated form, amber and triterpene acids (enhances drought resistance and disease resistance) in containers of 5 liters; 10 liters; 1000L.
The drug is included in the list of permitted agrochemicals and pesticides : Certificate : series A # 04264 from 22.08.14 G.
Chem. composition : humic acid - 100 g/l; fulvic acid - 6.9 g/l; nitrogen - 100g/l;phosphorus - 50g/l; potassium -120 g/l;silica - 24 g/l; sulfur - 14 g/l; magnesium 0.9 g/l; zinc – 0.9 g/l; manganese - 0.9 g/l copper, 0.6 g/l, cobalt - 0.3 g/l, molybdenum 0.4 g/l; boron 0.9 g/l; pH 6,5-9,5
TREATMENT OF SEEDS. Pre-sowing seed treatment with an aqueous solution, 400 ml of Agrohemija 10-30 l of water.
Seed treatment provides: yield increase up to 2.0 – 3.0 t/ha to the control; germination of seeds for 3 to 15%; the germination energy of seeds by 5-10%; tillering on 5-50%; the number of productive stems at 10-120 PCs./m2.
Foliar treatment with Agragamee in the dose of 0.4 l of the drug per 200-400 liters of water per 1 ha is:
1st time - in the phase of sprouting, the late tillering influences gustato plants and the potential of productive stalks;
2nd time – in the phase of stem elongation, beginning of ear formation - formed the genetic potential of the variety, formed a number of productive stems and grain in the ear;
3 times - a phase of earing and wax ripeness - is the preservation of the formed crop, filled with grain, the early formation of the weight of 1000 seeds.
Advantages over other drugs:
- raw material for humates ( sapropel - Baltic, leonardite - Sakhalin);
- chelated form of micronutrients;
- 40 micron particles of drug – nozzles won't clog; the presence of adhesive in the product;
- the presence of a growth stimulant – succinic acid 3% - presence of triterpene acids ( extract of pine cones) – has a fungicidal action ;
- the presence of gaupsin 3-5%; - the presence of amino acids 10%