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Valve WCL 85-4,0 M2

Offer type: salePublished: 02.05.2024
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Valve CGT-85-4,0 M2

Dimensions,mm:85х95х52х76Landing size,mm:85,0drawing Number:CGT-85-4,0 M2 386.2455.000Material:steelPosition:vertical horizontal line compressorParameters:inletCompression(compression) gas:air,hydrogen,nitrogen,inert gasesWeight,kg:2,1production date:2014Diameter,mm:85,0;95,0Height,mm:52,0;76,0Manufactured by:ИСТ8271432-5:1996,ОСТ26-12-2004-78,ТУ26-12-788-88Outer diameter,mm:85,0;95,0Maximum differential pressure,kgf/cm2:4,0 (40,0)design:the valve ringClassification:working of compressor valveDesign:collapsible,self-actingclimate design:U4Assemblywith:plates,springsscope of delivery:on-stage compressorOption delivery:on compressor the steps

valve CGT-85-4,0 M2
Lithuanian valve ВКТ85-4,0 M2
valve dismountable ВКТ85-4,0 M2
the valve ring CGT-85-4,0 M2
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valve suction ВКТ85-4,0 M2
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valve CGT-85-4,0 M2 compressor for compressing the nitrogen, the hydrogen
the annular valve Assembly with plates and springs CGT-85-4,0 M2
the annular valve ВКТ85-4,0 M2 on stage reciprocating compressor
valve ВКТ85-4,0 M2 for a horizontal opposed compressor
the valves of the compressor compression of nitrogen, hydrogen ВКТ85-4,0 M2
valve CGT-85-4,0 M2 for a portable modular compressor station
the valve ring CGT-85-4,0 M2 for air compressor gas
valve CGT-85-4,0 M2 on the compressor low medium high pressure
valve ВКТ85-4,0 M2 to mobile self-propelled compressor station
collapsible annular self-acting valve suction CGT-85-4,0 M2
the valve ring with the point of the springs Hoerbiger Vienybe CGT-85-4,0 M2
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valves CGT-85-4,0 M2 for vertical horizontal line of the compressor
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