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Company:TD Favorit
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Appearance: Oil petrolatum like ordinary plasticine. Viscous light brown mass, a mixture of paraffin, ceresin wax and oil (7-38%) obtained by dewaxing of residual petroleum oils sulfuric acid or selective treatment, dropping temperature 55-65°C, the temperature of the www. 230-255°C.
Used as raw material for the production of:

• Garden Vara.
• Microcrystalline wax, savarina.
• Petrolatum, cosmetic ointments.
• Included in children's clay.
• In the production of paraffin treatment paper and wood products.

Coatings based on petrolatum and hydrocarbon film-forming agents form a soft pasty and hydrophobic layer with low heat (up to 70-75 C) and abrasion resistance. In this connection they are used to protect painted surfaces, as well as storage of spare parts.

• In the production of Movila - petrolatum and mikrovolnovye compounds used to protect steel body painted in high humidity conditions.
• Technical petrolatum, preservative and plastic (grease) greases.
• An additive to improve the lubricating properties, component of lubricants.
• Insulating compounds , cable masses and compositions, the antiozonant for rubber.
• As an activating additive in the production of asphalt mixes, activated powder.

Technical characteristic:

The name of indicatorsNorm a HUNDREDExternal Vinogradnaya mass from light yellow to brown Viscosity kinematic at 100 C, mm2/C, not less than 12,0Температур flash determined in open Cup, 0C, not below 240Массовая fraction of sulfur,%, not more than 0.26 Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, %, not more than 0.1 dropping point, C, not менее70Содержание oil, %, not over 15,0

Storage: in dry indoor ventilated areas, protected from sunlight and moisture.

Color and packing may differ depending on the party.