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Oak planks unedged

Offer type: buyPublished: 03.04.2016
Price:400 EUR
Company:(096) 653-92-33
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Zhytomyr

We are interested in buying Oak planks. With all primary documents.

We are located in Zhytomyr.

Payment on the fact. Prepayment we won't give! We have TOV, so -

(only on transfer) or a direct international contract.

In cash in Euros on Your account, according to the Interbank rate. In any case, the mandatory conclusion


Board of natural humidity (raw), uncut, svezhepilenny.

The presence of the first sort not less than 30-40%.

For 1st grade we pay 400 Euro

2nd grade - 300 Euro

3rd grade - 200 euros.

The saw cut shall be 6th of the deck. The first 4 meters with Komleva:

 Thickness - 55mm and 65mm × length 4150 mm (cutting), 55,65* 4100 credits.

- Clean opening without sapwood from 20 cm

- Class I is allowed 1 healthy knot per linear metre.

 Thickness is 26mm x length 2100mm (cutting), Scoring 23×2050

- Clean opening without the sapwood of 16 cm (preferably between 20 cm and above, interested in a wide


- Class allowed max 2 healthy bitch up to 20 mm

Packaging - dry, coniferous strip. Well-crafted ends ( paraffin wax, petrolatum, PVA and


The diameters of the decks from 35 cm (desirable). Interested in Board wide.

One volume of 18 cubic meters. Every 10-14 days or according to Your abilities. Interested in

cooperation on a permanent basis.

Defective - justice do the reduction.

Measurements: one crust of your - our other.

Shipping - plays the role of Your location from Zhitomir, maybe 50/50.

If You are interested, drop an email for detailed specifications.

For the conclusion of an international contract please contact by Skype: holzdeluxe,

on the Skype avatar picture –the structure of the tree.

Sincerely, Daria