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Cover for open Parking lots and playgrounds Latexfalt Parkdeck

Offer type: salePublished: 30.04.2014
Seller:Vasil'chuk Denis Valentinovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
Latexfalt Parkdeck - layered, waterproof, vapor permeable, elastic coating of special water bitumen-polymer emulsion and fractionated granite rubble. Designed for a wide range of tasks. Can be used on concrete, asphalt and wood.
Latexfalt Parkdeck protects the substrate from moisture and exposure to road salt.
The purpose
System Latexfalt Parkdeck designed for use as a waterproofing and protective coating providing safety reasons:
- car parks (Parking lots), terraces, platforms
- pedestrian, bike paths.
The system is also suitable for use as a wear-resistant coating for areas where heavy traffic load, such as:
- ramps, loading docks
- wood and other flooring of the bridge, viaducts.
Also suitable for repair:
concrete and asphalt surfaces from mechanical damage
The main advantages of technology
for roof does not require additional waterproofing. Reinforced concrete roof, when it is equal to the training, can serve as the basis for Latexfalt Parkdeck.
after coating, the load on the overlap increases slightly (about 20 kg/m²).
in comparison with previously used methods, the work is done much faster.
- repair coating is simply (damaged areas visible to the naked eye and quickly.
- extremely wear-resistant coating.
System characteristics Latexfalt Parkdeck:
- long life
- elongation of the coating (elasticity) at 20°C is not less than 400 %
- resistance to high temperature
- solidity and ductility at low temperatures
- resistance to rapid temperature fluctuations
- resistance to ultraviolet radiation
- covers cracked Foundation in conjunction with reinforcement mesh
- resistance to studded tyres
- vapor permeable
- does not contain solvents
- when storing to prevent exposure to low temperatures (below 0°C).
The usual number of layers, emulsion + gravel: 2
The thickness of the coating layer 2: up to 12 mm
Speed work one team/shift/m² about 1000 m2
The fire resistance of fire-resistant, class a
The fire is not lit
The permeability DIN 52123 waterproof
Wiscasset, ISO 40-100