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Offer type: servicesPublished: 30.04.2014
You must identify and communicate with the angels that are suitable for You. Top
If You have decided that angel investors appropriate, try to focus on those who can help You. The angel investors will not have the financial resources to invest in all the companies that appeal to them. A professional company to service and/or network angel who work with private investors, can help You in the process of screening and selection.
The angels have different investment criteria:
The size of this agreement are: the angel investors, as humans, tend to know the investment amount, which they are satisfied. The entrepreneur should not be surprised to find that most angels invest anywhere from 25,000$ 250,000$ with some sometimes beyond those levels. Thus, the "syndication angels" is a common process for those entrepreneurs, needing to raise capital, separate out some of the most angels.
Stage of the company: Some angels only invest in seed or company to run, while others are looking for a later stage enterprise seeking capital for expansion. Entrepreneur and their professional Advisor should expect to find those angels who is appropriate to the stage of development of the enterprise.
Industry: the Angels tend to invest in their company, anyone knows and/or can readily understand. Many angels, previously being successful entrepreneurs, will tend to lean to his prior industrial experience.