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LLC Seek to supply actuators production company Timotion

Offer type: salePublished: 29.04.2014
Seller:Borovikov Sergej
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In sections of our site presents types of rod actuators with a maximum speed of 38.4 mm/s and a maximum load of 10,000 N various applications, as well as blocks and control linear actuator controllers for complex deliveries of the entire system.
We can offer and support option for linear actuators:
safety nut (plastic + metal);
- manual release rod or by using the remote controller (only for the series TA);
- quick release rod (series TA1);
- protective clutch is activated when an overload of the actuator with the load;
- Hall sensor is a magnetic sensor that monitors the position of the actuator due to a change in the magnetic field of the moving and stationary parts;
potentiometer is an analog position sensor actuator, the resistance of which depends on the displacement;
- arm for extension and extension rod of the actuator.
And additional features:
- limit switches are installed to limit the movement of the actuator rod in a certain direction.
You can see the catalog of spare parts for machinery and machine tools on our website:, as well as