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OST "the Director Astrahan" Dispenser for packing flour in the finished packaging up to 25 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 06.04.2018
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Purpose: the Dispenser is designed for packing dileptonic powdered products.
Products: Flour, milk powder, semolina, starch, cocoa powder, animal feed, "blue", etc.
Packaging material: Finish the bags open top of jute, polypropylene, Kraft paper.
Working principle: the Product comes in a dispenser on the sleeves
or pipes, to avoid dust, as Paleogene products can spontaneously at a certain concentration in the room. The product with the help of the screw enters the bag, which is determined by capacity. The flow is controlled by the frequency controller with variable speed, which together with the strain (e) method of weighting delivers high performance and accuracy of dosing. The dose is controlled by an electronic control system of the dispenser. Parameters are set by the operator panel control unit
Operator: the Operator manually opens the bag and secures it hanging weighing system. After dosing, releases the lock and the bag falls on a support or conveyor. Further, the bag with the product is fed into the sewing area. The number of maintenance staff: 1 operator on the dispenser.
Price: 38 700 UAH.