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OST "the Director Astrahan" Press blister UNIT-MAX-6-600, for stamping blister with cardboard

Offer type: salePublished: 06.04.2018
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Press blister designed for hold-down and warm-up between a pair of materials - cardboard-cardboard, cardboard blister blister blister. Under the condition of applying for one of the materials blister varnish and optimum pressure and time pressure, the surfaces are bonded to each other. Form-listenumerator are made for each product with an appropriate arrangement of elements and holders of cardboard.
Toys, books, tools, plumbing parts, for cars, etc., Souvenirs, batteries, devices, and appliances, textiles, footwear, helmets and technical motorcycle, gloves, Cutlery, crockery.
Packaging materials:
Cardboard, covered with a layer of blister varnish, blister thermodormancy of PP, PS, PET
Working principle:
After installation on form listenumerator blister and cardboard, the operator presses the start button. Sounds a warning signal and, if the operator has not released the button, the carriage moves to another position. upon arrival of the carriage in the second position. the sensor activates and starts pressing the press. The length of the clamp is controlled by a microprocessor and is adjustable 0.5 to 15 from the operator panel. The contact pressure is regulated by a system pressure - 1 bar - N/ as installed on the carriage 2 forms-listenumerator, while there is a cycle of stamping one blister, on the other side, the operator can build another blister.
Operator actions:
Takes the form listenumerator blister packaged products, cardboard, manually starts the cycle. After the end of the cycle, removes a finished package, and repeats again/
The press made according to the original kinematic scheme, which has managed to make a very compact design with pneumatic actuator with great effort, is more typical to use hydraulics. This provides a low cost machine, as well as the simplicity and reliability of operation. Because the press has a sufficiently large mass in the upper part with 2 eyebolts for carrying the press on the suspension, and at the bottom made the clearance from the floor to raise up on the hydraulic cart Role". To navigate the site without the use of lifting equipment, installed 4 wheel high capacity. the car is lowered on wheels, when the supporting legs screwed in fully. Sheeting in the work area operators made of stainless steel, which ensures high hygiene work.
Unique features:
1. Contact pressure up to 6 tons-force, with pneumatic, not hydraulic.
2. Large maximum depth product up to 300 mm
3. Unique design provides pressed uniformly over the entire area of the sealing. And most importantly, unlike most other blister presses, there is no need to center the blister in the center of the plate is possible without additional settings and movements to work with asymmetric assemblies, such as toys and books on the cardboard.
4. Small dimensions of the machine.