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Selected device 1,6-p / 1,6-u / 1,6-P / 1,6-W / Art. 20-MP, Art. 20th

Offer type: salePublished: 26.04.2014
Seller:Priborinvest Minsk
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Address:Republic of Belarus
The company PRIVATINVEST, Republic of Belarus, Minsk tel: +375 17 508-72-00 offers in the Republic of Belarus Selected device angular 016-200-ST20-MU
Selected device direct 016-200-ST20-MP
Select the device to 70C corner 016-70-ST20-MU
+crane cork 3 course BK PN 16 DN 15
Select the device to 70C direct 016-70-ST20-MP
Selected device pressure angle 01,6-225-ST20-MU (16-U)
Selected device direct pressure 01,6-225-ST20-MP (16-P)
Selected device pressure angle 01,6-70-ST20-MU
Selected device direct pressure 01,6-70-ST20-MP and
Selective pressure device SK-287.10-90,SC-284.00-90,SC-281.10-90, SC-279.10-90, SC-277.10-90, SC-276.10-90, SC-272.10-90, SC-270.10-90 SC-270.00-90 SC-271.00-90, SC-2-13-02
SC-2-12-02, SC-2-11-02, SC-2-6-02, SC-2-10-01, SC-2-5-02, SC-2-4-98, ZK-2-4-01, SC-2-4-02, SC-2-3-98, ZK-2-3-01, SC-2-3-02, SC-2-2-98, SC-2-2-01, SC-2-2-02, SC-2-1-98, ZK-2-1-01, SC-2-1-02, selection of devices exhaustion 955-1, 955-2, Select the device in the vacuum of 0.01-450-ST20-L 0,01-550-HP-L and Selected device pressure linear 02,5-150-ST20-MP / 016-200-ST20-L
tel +375 17 508-72-00