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Super trendy Kids ATV KL 789: bestseller!

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2014
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The price of machines: 2 100 UAH Most complete components
Children's Quad bike KL 789: black and red. 12 volt kids ATV KL 789-best gift for a boy or for a girl.Unsurpassed "crook" and off-road ATV KL 789 - special for a ride with the breeze on a Sunny streets of Odessa and Ukraine! This new sales hit 2014 in Odessa. Two managementactivities make this toy thirst for speed and adventure, children's electric car with all the "bells and whistles". Model KL-789 - ATV for a child from 3 to 10 years.Fast, stable, beautiful and powerful he will become the best friend for your baby.
Children's Quad bike KL 789. Features:
•2 motor 45W
•rear wheel drive
•managed the wheel. Speed is added to the gas accelerator
•4 wheels with rubber pads
•powerful suspension and high cleres make maximum stability on uneven surfaces
•maximum load capacity 40 kg
•maximum speed: 3-8 km/H.
•rear speed 4 km/h
•battery dry, sealed, secure, helium 1 PCs 12V 10A
•time 1 sarale 2 hours
•time-charging 12 hours
•type of charging: 12V, 220 volt
•rugged design of the front bumper gives full comfort and security to the young driver.
Than Deliver Children's Quad bike KL 789
• TC of Ukraine: Nova-mail, Intime, Autolux, the Delivery. Shipping cost: 5-7% of the total order.
• Pickup from the warehouse in Odessa.
• Courier in Kiev. Shipping 50-70 UAH.
How to Pay for Children's Quad bike KL 789
• Cash. payment (receive +1% of the amount)
• Prepaid card Private Bank (+0.5% Commission)
• Upon receipt of the courier in Odessa
How To Order
• By phone: 093_458_71_58, 066_922_777_0, 097_33_88_747, 048_771_07_70
• Through the website
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