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Chemical reactor 1m3; 2 m3; 2,5M3; 4m3; 5M3; 6,3m3

Offer type: salePublished: 18.04.2014
Seller:g Sergej
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Address:Russian Federation
1)the Reactor 6,3m3 n/W (Stalin) without shirts, gear motor, bottom drain. anchor agitator,al.LW.
2)the Reactor 2,5M3, n/W with a shirt, shaft frame with stirrer, internal cooling coil, al.LW, geared motor, gland seal, elliptical lid and bottom.b/y
3)the Reactor 6,3m3 titanium with a shirt geared motor, bottom unloading turbine stirrer, al.LW. elliptical the elliptical bottom and cover kit
4)the Reactor 5M3 n/W (Stalin)with a shirt, geared motor, bottom drain. anchor agitator
5)Reactor h/W 1m3 frame agitator with mechanical seal
6)Reactor h/W 2 m3 with frame agitator.
7)Reactor h/W 4m3 with anchor type stirrer with a shirt. flat cap, conical bottom
8)Autoclave reactor 5M3 n/W (working pressure up to 50 ATM)temperature 300g. the wall thickness of 40mm with a shirt with a stirrer, a gear motor, El.LW. bottom unloading, mechanical seal manufacture Switzerland.
9)the Reactor 6,3m3, CERN steel-enamel green, mixer stainless steel kit
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