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Courses in sculpture, painting and drawing

Offer type: servicesPublished: 14.04.2014
Courses in sculpture, painting and drawing at the Training center of "Syntagma" is a complex art classes for adults, revealing the foundations and laws of academic drawing, art, painting and sculptural skill. You will receive the necessary technological knowledge to work with sculptural materials, and pass the full course of drawing plaster classical sculpture, learn how to write still life, portrait, and create the landscape. Lessons sculpture will enrich your understanding of form and sculpture. Our drawing courses are designed for people wanting to do for themselves, and for those who want to apply for art school. Recording phone: (057) 754-90-02, (050) 516-72-53, (097) 984-67-16, (063) 223-15-08. subway Akademika Pavlova.