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Landscape design, landscaping, landscaping Kiev

Offer type: servicesPublished: 13.04.2014
Seller:. Elena (landshaftnyij arhitektor)
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
Landscape design, landscaping, landscaping Kyiv and region
The landscape is a process, not the result. Once the landscape has completed all of its elements begin to live your life and change from season to season and from year to year. Grow planted trees, on the rocks appears noble patina. Properly done, the landscape Matures beautifully. I love to return to areas that have long finished. Often, years later, I again invite you to add something, to improve, to change. All we, with our tastes and preferences are constantly changing. I try to disclose the individual style of each customer.
Landscape design begins with a designed landscape project.
Landscape project consists of the following documents:
•draft proposal;
•the General plan;
•garden plan;
•layout drawings;
•the plan of arrangement of lamps.
Also, if necessary, are prepared:
•topographical mapping;
•vertical planning of the plot with the cartogram transfer earthen mass;
•automatic irrigation system;
•detailed design of some elements of the plot (rock garden, pond and so on)
•paving scheme;
•development of small architectural forms (arbors, pergolas, BBQ facilities, sculptural groups, and so on);
•design of structural assemblies (cross-sectional view of tracks, playgrounds and so on);
•description of plants with recommendations for care.
Offer qualified experts, will select the high quality planting material. Perform supervision of all phases of landscaping. The cost of works and services is calculated individually.
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In the portfolio you can assess the capabilities of our professionals, our work and what we have done over the years:
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