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Courses Autocad (AutoCAD)

Offer type: servicesPublished: 11.04.2014
Courses Autocad (AutoCAD) at the training center of "Syntagma". The course aims to develop in students the practical skills for creating and editing complex two-dimensional drawings, training, effective performance of work of varying degrees of complexity with a diverse set of tools. When developing the program, we pay special attention to the PRACTICAL LESSONS! Classes are held in the morning, afternoon, evening, in groups and individually. You will be able to create drawings, specifications to them, work with text, layers, hatching, dimension, display the drawings to print. You will learn simple and effective techniques for building electronic drawings of different areas: engineering, architectural, furniture. The result of training is a complete project that You will create for yourself. Our teachers are active architects who are willing to be open and share all the secrets of his experience. You can pay in installments. Areas: Saltovka, New Homes (near subway). phone(057) 754-90-02, (050) 516-72-53, (097) 984-67-16, (063) 223-15-08.