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Acting classes

Offer type: servicesPublished: 11.04.2014
Acting classes for any age category in the Training center "Syntagma" is the solution to your emotional problems! The main aim of the exercise is to assist in overcoming barriers in communication, the development and understanding of themselves and others in society, removing mental stress (terminals). An effective set of exercises aimed at getting rid of fears and phobias associated with communication. Our listener in the learning process acquires the skills of a confident speaker and as a consequence, is building relationships with many people around him. Our program also provides a set of exercises for the development of the vocal apparatus (diction, articulation, breathing, strengthen the overall stress resistance, control your mood and behavior, giving our listeners a unique charisma! Recording phone: (057) 754-90-02, (050) 516-72-53, (097) 984-67-16, (063) 223-15-08. Saltovka, 1 min. from metro.