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Offer type: salePublished: 10.04.2014
Seller:Pravilov Evgeniy
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Address:Russian Federation
The heat chamber CON-5 used. In good condition.Connected and working every day.New electric motor and the cassette smoke generator Price: 148 000 RUB
Application. Heat chamber CON-5 are designed for the production of cooked and smoked meat and fish. The heat chamber CON-5 will allow you to perform the following operations:
- Drying
- Roast
- Cooking
- Smoked
- Improved reliability and performance of the camera by installing a waterproof remote control, high CRP;
- Shorten the time of drying and heat treatment cycle, the power consumption for 1 kg of product, weight loss products during thermal treatment;
- Low loss heat treatment: the sausage in natural casings (casings, sinyuga) - not more than 6.5%, smoked - no more than 17%
- The camera is in a tubular evaporator, together with allowing the heaters to maintain the required temperature and humidity;
- Installed ceiling panels, which protect the product from contact with conden-SATA and resinous fractions;
- Improved ventilation in the internal volume of the chamber to achieve a non-uniform temperature not exceeding 10°C - all this allows to reduce the cooking time a quality product and reduce energy consumption.
- Possible the modernization of the basic machine for the automated version.
Composition. The kit Smoking-cooking unit CON-5 includes: a heat chamber, the smoke generator, remote control, universal frame. All components are made from stainless steel.