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secondary polypropylene from the manufacturer.Moscow

Offer type: salePublished: 09.04.2014
Seller:Batashov Evgenij
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Secondary polypropylene sale. Sell the granulate of recycled polypropylene for molding and extrusion. Brand recycled polypropylene 01030, 1500 PP J PP 21030. Raw materials are defective rollers PP film, PP gates. Sale granular grades 01030, 02030, 21030. Suitable for casting packaging of those products, furniture. Pellets of polypropylene secondary PP have different colors. Produced secondary PP black color, secondary polypropylene green, recycled polypropylene red, secondary polypropylene blue, secondary PP PP grey, recycled granules polypropylene color: white, secondary polypropylene natural, uncolored transparent secondary polypropylene PP. in the presence of polypropylene secondary 02015 black, transparent.