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Telescope Sky-Watcher MAK 102 EQ-2

Offer type: salePublished: 07.04.2014
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 6800 grn
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102-mm Meniscus Cassegrain, powerful enough telescope . Compact, yet powerful enough telescope for
observations in the first place, moon, planets, and slabovidjawih objects.
Has a quality inherent in all
lens / mirror systems.
The telescope is equipped
Equatorial mount EQ-2 with aluminum tripod and microkernel guidance and tracking
for the object. A
drive along the time axis. Comes with two eyepieces Super 25
(52x), 1,25", Super 10 (130x), 1,25", a 1.25" diagonal and finder Star
pointer. Net weight of the telescope is 12 kg
The maximum recommended increase: 204 times
Aperture (diameter of the lens) 102 mm
Focal length 1300 mm
Relative aperture 1:12,7
Resolution of 1.24" (angular seconds)
Penetrating power 12 (magnitude)
Weight 15 kg
Size has
The eyepiece Super 25 mm (52x), 1,25"
The eyepiece Super 10 mm (130x), 1,25"
The seeker Star pointer
Diagonal 1.25" (90 deg.)
Aluminum tripod