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The loan repayment term for "Military mortgage" will be increased by five years

Offer type: servicesPublished: 06.04.2014
Recently servicemen of the Russian Federation in no hurry to take advantage of the chance to purchase their own homes on favorable terms, which gives them the state program "Military mortgage".
It was in huge debt on the loan, which could occur after their retirement. The size of the outstanding loan in this case would fluctuate according to estimates, from 400 to 900 thousand rubles, which for many is an exorbitant amount.
However, this year, these risks may disappear. How, says Ilya Borisov, Chairman of the Interregional public organization "UNIS" ("Molodosti"), assisting military personnel in improving the quality and availability of housing.
- Recently in the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted the law "On amendments to articles 49 and 53 of the Federal law "On military duty and military service". They relate to the increase of the age at which you can be on military service, as well as a time limit of stay in stock. The President of the Russian Federation this document has already been signed.
Before the adoption of this law the servicemen had gone into retirement from the age of 45. Now the same age bracket has risen to 50 years. This applies to those who rank below Colonel or captain of the first rank. However, for senior officers (from the already mentioned Colonel and captain I rank up to the Marshal of the Russian Federation), the maximum service life is also increased by five years.
Under such conditions increases and the deadline for repayment of the loan taken under "Military mortgage". Accordingly, also for five years. According to our calculations, this time is sufficient to completely pay off all debts for purchased property, and quietly retire.
Moreover, increasing the maximum age limit for military service, there is another positive aspect is the increase of the maximum loan amount that may be submitted by the Bank. And it's not good.
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