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Applicator (massager) Kuznetsova

Offer type: salePublished: 04.04.2014
Seller:viktor bachi Viktor
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Address:Ukraine, Zakarpattia Oblast, Mukacheve
Applicator (massager) Kuznetsova needle foot reflexology
Applicator (massager) needle easy-to-use and intuitive device for interactions on the reflex zones and acupuncture points of the human body. Applicator can be used for self-treatment and
Accelerated recovery of the person in conditions of production, life, sports
Improve elasticity and restore normal skin tone
Improving venous circulation
Normalization of sleep and relieve stress
Fat loss by increasing blood circulation in the superficial tissues
The restoration of mobility in the joint
Pain in muscle tissues and spine
Eliminate headaches
Increase sexual activity
Method of use
The massager is put on the painful area, press on his hands (within pain tolerance) for 40-60 C. massage Procedure is repeated until the disappearance of pain. For a more pronounced effect during the massage, you must perform active movements that cause muscle relaxation. Massagers can be worn for a long time on the painful area, pressing them with an elastic bandage, towel. Segments of the massager on the fabric at a distance of 6-8 mm.
Acting needles on the Zakharyin-Ged zone (the area of skin that reflects the state of internal organs, blood flow to the brain and internal organs, reduces pain, going from tired muscles in the Central nervous system.
Through processing of aplicator in solutions of detergents or soap and water with a brush, followed by washing in running water.
The form and completeness
Needles circular form, mounted on a fabric basis of natural cotton. The number of needles 63 pieces
Conditions of use and storage of aplicator
Store in a bag or box at a temperature of 10-35°C. are Not allowed strikes and other strong mechanical impact.
TU 222-2375200432-007-2012
The price of 81 USD.