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MP, VP, MVP-Gauges

Offer type: salePublished: 02.04.2014
Seller:Vigovskij Igor'
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk
MP, VP, MVP-pressure gauges and the gauges showing MP, WP and MIT-designed for measurement of gauge and vacuum pressure non-corrosive, recrystallizes in relation to copper alloys, liquids, steam and gas, including oxygen, acetylene.
The ranges of the readings:
MP- - 0 to 0,6; 1; 1,6; 2,5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40; 60; 100; 160; 250; 400; 600; 1000; 1600 kgf/cm2
IT- - -1; and-0.6 to 0 kgf/cm2
MVP-Y is from -1 to 0,6; 1,5; 3; 5; 9; 15; 24 kgf/cm2
By order of the devices are supplied in units of kPa, MPa
Case diameter -160 mm
Accuracy class of devices is 1.5 to-order - 1,0)
The degree of protection IP40 (optional - IP53)
A lot of devices - not more than 1.2 kg
The average term of service 10 years
Materials details:
case - steel, aluminum alloy, high impact polystyrene
glass - window
tubular spring copper alloy, Nickel-iron alloy
holder - copper alloy, steel
mechanism - bronze, stainless steel, steel 0.8 KP
Devices can withstand the effects of vibration in the frequency range from 5 to 25 Hz with an amplitude of 0.1 mm (group L3 according to GOST 12997-84)
Climatic version according to GOST 15150-69
U2 - default devices have execution U2 (working temperature range -50 to +60 °C)
T2 is on the order of the devices have the execution of T2 (the temperature range -50 to +60 °C)
A flange for mounting the instrument panel
- //- by default, the devices are supplied without flanges
F - on the order the devices are supplied with flange
- //- by default, liquid, steam, gas, including propane butane
"oxygen" is on the order of execution for measuring the pressure of liquid, gaseous oxygen
"acetylene" - on the order of execution for measuring the pressure of acetylene
The threaded connecting fitting
-//- - default metric thread M20x1,5-8g
G1/2-B - on the order of inch thread
R1/2 - by order of the conical thread
Technological feature on the scale
-//- - default features
"hell" is on the order of application of technological features on the dial (in note to order be sure to specify at what mark)
A damper for damping of pulsating pressure
-//-- default devices are supplied without damper to 60 kgf/cm2, inclusive and damper than 100 kgf/cm2 inclusive
the damper is on the order of the damper is set to operate with any range of indications
-//- - default execution General
E - on the order of devices esgotada for export
NPP - order instruments esgotada for delivery at a nuclear power plant (NPP)