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Egg hatching chickens breed Sumatra standard

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2014
Seller:Dudzyak Svetlana Olekseevna
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Drohobych
Sumatra (also often called black Sumatra, other colors - the main ones being white and blue are also available, in particular, antamok) are decorative birds on the Indonesian island of the same name names. Sumatra is one of the oldest breeds taken in the American standard of perfection in 1883, although originally introduced in 1847. There is much speculation about the origin of Sumatra, some believe that this breed may initially was of a different breed jungleboy birds, before crossing with other birds, and I think this may be the result of interbreeding with galuskina varieties, green junglevine, or even that they could be the result of interbreeding with pheasants. Sumatra can be an ancestor or relative of silk, and possibly an ancestor of the old English games, it certainly was used as a fighting bird, and to crosses with other boicovye rocks, although currently only a decorative bird.
Sumatra today, a beautiful hen, lays eggs white or slightly colored color, a little imagination, we can assume pheasant type, the bird can be used as meat, although dark spots discourage the appetite. What is important in this breed is a beautiful, glossy black plumage, with a bright green shimmer. The head corresponds to the wild bird; small pea-shaped comb, tiny or absent comb, large chocolate brown eyes, and skin the color of ripe black plums. Legs are glossy black, and males often have multiple spurs on each leg (characteristic of the breed). Both sexes have long, low-drooping tail, but particularly impressive cock big bend, long, shiny, sharply pointed tail..the Detail on the website