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Egg hatching chickens breed Brahma yellow black Colombian color.

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Seller:Dudzyak Svetlana Olekseevna
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Drohobych
The most common meat-egg breed is Brahma.
Chickens are an excellent hen. Adapted to damp cold climate. Start laying eggs late, well a good rush in the winter months. Meat is a little tough.
Brahma - the most majestic among large rocks in the European standard. Due to the lower landing, chicken seem to be more rounded. Because of the long development of Chicks, eggs better to incubate early.
The demand for chickens breed Brahma began to grow in the eighties of the XX century. However, breeders have a desire to join the organization. Since the organization Special Union assisted approximately four hundred breeders, of which 50% owners of large chickens.
Despite the size of the breed, the Bram on the range doesn't need much space! Through thick feathering on the legs, birds almost never ranada.