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the high-voltage motors A4, DAZO4, ANM, VAN, ADO, ASVO, VASO, MSU, diesel engines, SDSS, VOS, LED2, AN2, AN, STD, AVC, SDKP, and others.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:MPF "Spetsresurs"
Seller:Yurij Gennad'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Pavlohrad

motors A4, DAZO4, A, ADP, ADO, AN2, other

A4-H-8, 400kW each/750

An 4-15-57-10 kW/590

An 2-15-57-10 kW/590

ADP-1250/800-8/10 1250/800-750/600

ADO-3150/U 3150/1000

A4-400X-4 kW/1500

A4-H - 8 , 400kW each/750

A4-400X - 6 , 400kW each/1000

A4-HK-6 kW/1000

A4-400X-10 200 kW/600

DAZO4-W-6 , 400kW each/1000

DAZO4-HK-6 kW/1000

DAZO4-H-8 kW/750

DAZO4-W-8 250kW/750

motors VAN, STD, ASVO, VASO, AVC, SDKP , etc

VAN 118/51-8 apower > 1.000 kW/750

VAN 118/51-10 kW/600

VAN 143/46-16 kW/375

VAN 118/23-8 , 400kW each/750


STD-3150-2-3 kW/3000 6kV

STD-1600-2 3 kW/3000 6,10 kV

STDM-1600-2 3 kW/3000 6kV

STDM-1250-2-R 1250kw/3000 10kV

STD-800-2-3 kW/3000 6,10 kV

STD-630-2-3 KW/3000 10kV

2АСВО710S32 30kW/178.5

VASO-2-30-14 30kW/422,2

VASO-14-16-32 30 kW/178

VASO(M)-10-19-16 11kW/365

SDK-16-44-10 kW/600

SDK-16-24-10 400kW each/600 10kV

SDK-16-24-12 kW/500

motors Diesel engines, SDSS, VOS, SD2, SDS, other

BASA-15-64-10 kW/600

SDSS-16-51-12 kV/500

BASA-16-64-10 1250kw/600

VOS-16-51-12 kV/500

VOS-2-16-49-6 1250kw/1000

VOS-14-59-6 apower > 1.000 kW/1000 10kV

SDN-16-56-10 apower > 1.000 kW/600

VOS-14-49-6 kW/1000 10kV

VOS-2-17-26-20 kW/300

DM2-85-57-6 kW/1000

DM2-74-40-6 , 400kW each/1000

DM2-74-49-8 kW/750

DM2-85-40-10 kW/600

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