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DC electric motors MT, 2ПБВ112LE, MW-3C, 2ПБВ112S, VEM-110, MRM, МР160L, PBVM, MTA, WSM2, MN, MN and others.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:MPF "Spetsresurs"
Seller:Yurij Gennad'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Pavlohrad

motors MW-SR, MT,MW-3C, Mr, MO,MN, other

MW-3C n/m/750-1500 120V

MT- n/m/1500 190V 48A

MN-2P-1M n/m/1500 135B

MV-SR-M n/m/750-1500 135B

MO 3-CF n/m/500-1500 W A

MTA n/m/1500 170V 26A

MTA- 13H/m/1500 100V 26A

MW n/m/1500 W

MW 13H/m/1000 W

MRL 30kW/1000-4000 400V

МР132L 15kW/1000-3500 400V

MRM 11kW/400V 1000-3500

motors PBW, VEM, WSM2, V, MF, etc.

2ПБВ112LE 22N/m/2000 W 28A

2ПБВ112L 22N/m/2000 W 28A

PBW 112S 15 nm/m/2000 W 28A

PBW 100LE 11n/m/2000 W 25A

PBW 100L 11n/m/2000 W 25A

PBW 100M of 7.5 n/m/2500 117V 20A

WSP 100LЕ 1.1 kW/1000 W

WSP 100M 7,16 n/m/1000

WSP 112LЕ 1.4 kW/500 50V 28A

WSP ME 1.4 kW/500 50V 28A

WSP 112M 1.4 kW/500 50V 28A

WSP 132LЕ 47,7 n/m/600 V 50A

VEM-225 20,5 n/m/500 47B 29A

VEM-224 20,5 n/m/500 47B 29A

VAM-220 20,5 n/m/1000 50V 27A

VEM-214 4kW/750 V OF 14.2 AND

VEM-130 1.1 kW/1000 W 20,5 AND

VEM-121 14N/m/1000 M OF 14.2 AND

VEM-120 0.75 kW/1000 V OF 14.2 AND

VEM-110 5,2 n/m/1000 of an 80.2 8.4 And

WSM 2. 134. 38 38,5 n/m /2000 W,

WSM 2. 112. 25 25,5 n/m /2000 200V,

V132SF 13,8 kW /4500,

MF -132 M 11,9 kW /3240 400 33,7 And

tel +380 50 9139253 +380 5632 63870