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Tropical wood Kosipo

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:OOO 'UKR.AZ.KAM.'
Seller:Ol'ga Ol'ga
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

ITC LLC "UKR.AZ.KAM.", the exclusive supplier of exotic wood from the Republic of Cameroon, offers You direct WHOLESALE supply lumber and veneer 34 species valuable breeds of wood(Board eaves, timber):




The sapwood is grayish-white to pale brown color, width from 25 to 75 mm, sharply differs from engine that looks similar to wood entandophragma cylindrical (Sapelli), but darker than her. The color of the kernel reddish-brown, darkening under the influence of external environment, and usually with a purplish tinge. The texture is quite large. Fiber from confusing-svilevatyh to direct. If svilevatosti fibers in radial sections observed belt, striped pattern. In the medullary rays are often contains small granules of silica. Physical properties are the same as those wood of SAPELLI. Handled easily, but the resistance to cutting a few stronger than wood of Sapelli. At planing and profiling occurs bullies fibers, so the angles of cut should be reduced to 20°. Easily etched dyes and well polished.
Application. The wood of this species is less decorative than wood Sapelli, so its use is limited to carpentry production high class, for example in the construction of offshore structures. Also serves as raw material for production of good veneer, often with a moire pattern.


Drying - AD
Humidity - 10% ± 2%

Terms of delivery - FOB and CFR.

Minimum delivery - 19 cubic meters.

Price - on request, is formed from the scope and dimensions of wood.

Our company is interested in cooperation with producers (parquet, Windows, doors, furniture, stairs, high-quality joinery, decoration items, construction), creating joint venture in the Republic of Cameroon for the full cycle of processing and timber production.


Detailed information:

Tel: +38 093 607 56 16 Tel: +38 096 234 23 12