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Exotic wood of Abuse

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:OOO 'UKR.AZ.KAM.'
Seller:Ol'ga Ol'ga
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

ITC LLC "UKR.AZ.KAM.", the exclusive supplier of exotic wood from the Republic of Cameroon, offers You direct WHOLESALE supply lumber and veneer 34 species valuable breeds of wood(Board eaves, timber):




Wood color Abacha from creamy white to pale yellow. Wood Abacha soft, but durable and formoustojchivy. Texture fine and even. Fiber is often confusing-svilevatyh, on the radial cuts form a weakly visible bands. Breed unstable. Prone to blue and rot. For logs Abacha characteristic black swirls, fragile heart, ring cracks and damage by insects in some logs. Picture by radial sawing may resemble ribbons. Fibration sometimes irregular. Despite the lightness of the wood Abacha has good indicators of strength, yielding pine modulo divide (the ratio of the Flexural) only 15%. Breed unstable. The comparative softness of the wood Abacha eases her hand and machine the processing. In order to avoid scuffing and chipping surface, it is desirable to apply tools with thin and sharp cutting edges. Easily obtained finishing of high quality. Board of Abacha perfectly etched dyes and polished, good cutting and planing.
The use of Abacha: the production of veneer, cladding, internal joinery, used in the construction of baths and saunas.


Drying - AD
Humidity - 10% ± 2%

Terms of delivery - FOB and CFR.

Minimum delivery - 19 cubic meters.

Price - on request, is formed from the scope and dimensions of wood.

Our company is interested in cooperation with producers (parquet, Windows, doors, furniture, stairs, high-quality joinery, decoration items, construction), creating joint venture in the Republic of Cameroon for the full cycle of processing and timber production.


Detailed information:

Tel: +38 093 607 56 16 Tel: +38 096 234 23 12