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Oil Aral motorna

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:85 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

Motor oil. The Aral sea. To buy. Imported from Germany. The quality is guaranteed. High-tech motor oil that has been specifically designed for diesel models and gasoline vehicles. Also ttechnology Aral Low SAPS ensures maximum resource diesel particulate filters diesel engines. Saves fuel. Ensures maximum wear protection. In the presence of synthetic and napsylate. Shipping free. For more information on the phone. Payment cash platizhem or on the card.

BT 10w40 85 UAH/l

HT 5w40 100 UAH/l

ST 0w40 130 UAH/l

LL III 5w30 125 UAH/l