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The Insecticide Envidor

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The non-system acaricide action

Current substance:

Spirodiclofen - 240 g/l

Preparative form:

Concentrate suspension


Envidor belongs to a new chemical class of ketoenols (tetranychidae acid). With the new mechanism of action - blocking the synthesis of lipids - the drug does not cause the pest of cross-resistance with one traditional acaricides.

Envidor is effective through contact action against all stages of the development of phytophagous mites: eggs, larvae, protonymph, datome, and also against adult females. Males do not cause culture harm and stored as food objects for predatory mites.

The most appropriate term treatment against ticks should be considered early application, when the population level is low, which gives the opportunity to save on further treatments. However, Envidor® shows high the efficacy from the beginning to the end of the growing season, so it can also be used during the outbreak the number of ticks.

Range of total activity

Spider Mites (Tetranychidae)

yellow Apple spider mite
(Eotetranychus pomi)

garden spider mite (Schizotetranychus pruni)

normal spider mite (Tetranychus urticae)

red citrus mite (Panonychus citri)

red fruit mite (Panonychus ulmi)

red greenhouse mite (Tetranychus telarius)

hawthorn mite (Tetranychus viennensis)

hornbeam spider mite (Schizotetranychus carpini)

brown fruit mite (Bryobia redicorzevi)

Gallic (felt) ticks (Eriophydidae)

Klasik of Selectedas (Aculus schlechtendali)

grape Sudan (Eriophyes vitis)

pear galavi mite (Eriophyes pyri)

smorodyne Bud mite (Eriophyes ribis)

Rsntal ticks (Tarsonomidae)

strawberry mite (Tarsonemus pallidus)

Pear medenica (Psylla piri) - phase yellow eggs.
Comebody San Jose scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi) - phase tramp.


APPLE, PEAR - 0,4-0,6 l/ha
Red fruit mite, brown fruit mite, hawthorn mite, pear galavi ticks, the sucker, the scale (phase crawlers), cycatki.
Processing against mdanish insects, always with the addition of non-ionic adhesive, for example Mero® 0.4 l/ha
The maximum multiplicity of treatments - 2. The timeout period is 20 days. Minimum standards should be used for vineyards and nurseries, medium - intensive gardens on dwarf rootstocks, maximum - for gardens on medium rootstocks. The flow rate of the working fluid should be as high as possible (which the culture is able keep the surface).

GRAPES - 0.4 l/ha
Red fruit mite, spider mite, grape Sudan. Maximum the multiplicity of treatments - 2.
The timeout period is 20 days.

SOY - 0,4-0,5 l/ha
Spider mite
The maximum number of treatments - 2. The timeout period is 20 days. For processing of soybeans, it is desirable to use sprayers with nozzles that create turbulent flows distribution of the droplets of the working fluid (to cover the bottom leaf surface).

Safety for the environment
Envidor® with proper dosing harmless for bees, predatory insects and mites, and soil fauna. During the treatment you need to observe the spatial limitations imposed by law.


Latest chemistry with innovative mechanism of action, activity against populations that are resistant to traditional acaricide.

Long-term control.

Sticking to the leaves (lipophilic quality), high resistance to precipitation.

Wide window applications less dependent on weather conditions (temperature, humidity air, precipitation).

Flexibility application exclusive control of all important species.

Durable oven activity, control of all motile stages of development, effectiveness against females.

The high acaricide side level of effectiveness against danici, cicadas insects.


1 l