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Mesh-sleeve vegetable. The company LLC "Protract"

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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Mesh-sleeve vegetable. The company LLC "Protract"

Mesh - sleeve vegetable is versatile the material that is used for packaging of fruits, vegetables, roots, and various goods, children's toys, Christmas trees, and other products weighing up to 3 kg, reusable strapping pallets of product, in the production of manufacturing various filters and packing long items.

Mesh - sleeve vegetable is made from high-density polyethylene in the form of a sleeve with cells rhombic forms of 0.7 cm and a thickness of mesh fabric 0,7 mm stretched mesh width - the sleeve is 30-35 cm, in a calm state, 3 - 4 cm Mesh-steel sleeve in the movie 300 m long and is packaged in a plastic bag (PP bag) 3 PCs Weight bag with mesh is the 8.5 - 9 lbs., Respectively, 1 m mesh sleeve weighs 10 g. grid Color - white, red, yellow.

Other colors mesh - sleeve can be manufactured to order. Production time: 14 working days, minimum party 50000 meters.

The ability to use the net - the sleeve in the food industry proved hygienic certificate of the state sanitary Of the Russian Federation. Mesh - sleeve is environmentally friendly and convenient form of packaging.


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LLC “ Protract”

LLC "Protract"

LLC "Protract"

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