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Machine for sewing bags GK9. The company LLC "Protract"

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Machine for sewing bags GK 9. The company LLC “Protract”

Bag sewing machine manual


Manual bag sewing machine GK-9 is designed for sewing of bags made of polypropylene, jute, linen, cotton, paper for packaging of the goods. The feedback from our customers, bag sewing machine GK-9 is the one the first place for the price and quality. With warranty 6 months, the number of breakdowns and marriage the GK-9 is 0.5 % and is mainly mechanical damage associated with transportation, and identified by the sales examination. Bag sewing machine easy to use, easy to maintain, reliable in operation.

Manual bag sewing machine GK-9 directly connected to the source supply of 220 V. the Highest speed of rotation of the main shaft GK-9 (under load) - 800 rpm (+/-15%). Bag sewing machine GK-9 stitches thickness sewing material - 8mm (maximum) is approximately equal to 4-ply linen the pouch. Step stitch GK-9 (fixed) - 7,5-8,5 mm needle Number - 27. Used thread the GK-9 when stitching bags - SS 210, 200 LH. The filament winding SS-210 is -1000 meters (bobbin weight - 200 g) External dimensions (height x length x width) - HH mm net Weight GK-9 (with the roll of SS-210) - about 4,03 kg Line is from one continuous filament. The resulting seam elastic, beautiful, convenient for printing.


Recommendations when operating a bag sewing machine GK-9.


We recommend you to work seamlessly on a bag sewing machine use a thread SS-210 (SS-200) with a winding of 1000 meters. The SS thread 210 is very durable, suitable for all types of hand bag sewing machines and provides a comfortable work with her. Bag sewing thread SS-210 is easy to tie knots, it is soft, durable, abrasion resistant, easily inserted into the eye of a needle. SS 210 almost not destroyed from sunlight, not afraid of cold and dampness. She's perfect in the work and not on the road price.

The ability to use SS-210 food industry proved hygienic the state sanitary certificate of the Russian Federation. SS-210 is an environmentally friendly form of packaging.

The urban bag sewing thread can easily be calculated by multiplying the width of the bag 3 and adding 10 see the Thread SS-210 is produced at cone and reel 1,000 meters long and weighs 200 gr.

In the operation of bag sewing machines GK-9 on the street do not allow water (rain not work - get electrocuted), use a socket and extension grounding, not to drop onto a concrete floor, not to disassemble without the need to study and the attached instructions.


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LLC “ Protract”

LLC "Protract"

LLC "Protract"

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