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Polypropylene bags. The company LLC "Protract"

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Polypropylene bags. The company LLC "Protract"

Polypropylene bags of 5 kg size 35 x 38 weight 20 grams

Polypropylene bags of 10 kg size 35 x 57 weight 34 grams

Polypropylene bags of 25 kg size 45 x 75 45 kg grams

Polypropylene bags of 50 kg, a size of 55 x 105 weight 84 grams

Polypropylene bags of 70 kg size 70 x 120 weight 140 grams

Polypropylene bags of 100 kg 100 x 150 weight 230 grams

Polypropylene bags of 100 kg size 120 x 160 weight 230 grams

Polypropylene bags of 100 kg size 125 x 160 weight 350 grams

The plastic bags


Polypropylene bags is one of the many types transport soft packaging casing in the form of a sleeve, with the bottom and neck. Polypropylene bags are very popular, economical and easy to use package. As to its performance, they exceed all other bags.

Polypropylene bags are soft, mechanically durable and shock, resistant to repeated bending and abrasion, so the bags can be used many times. Polypropylene bags are not afraid of high the water temperature (100 C), the effect of alkali and low temperature. Polypropylene bags are not soluble in organic solvents, not corrode, does not degrade from exposure to petroleum products. Polypropylene bags are lightweight, easy to sew, it protects products from dust and has a low gas permeability. Still polypropylene bags are very easy to handle and do not require complex processes when working with them, the staff need additional training.

The ability to use polypropylene bags for packing food proved hygienic certificate of the state sanitary Of the Russian Federation.

Polypropylene bags are environmentally friendly form packing shall be direct recycling into secondary raw material.




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LLC “ Protract”

LLC "Protract"

LLC "Protract"

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