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Offer type: salePublished: 16.04.2013
Seller:Menedzher Ekaterina
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
The company "Technolas" produces and sells curb hooks (tongs, curbs). Available in a warehouse in SPb manual and crane hooks to the curb.
Hand grip for a curb is used to transfer and installation of curb and curb stones. With a hand grip to the curb, it is recommended to work in pairs. Product weight up to 3 kg load Capacity 100 kg, Price per 1 piece 3600 rubles
Hand grip for curb type "tandem" with 4 handles, used when working in a pair, is used to transfer and installation of curb and curb stones. Product weight up to 6 kg load Capacity 200 kg Price per 1 piece 7850 RUB
Crane grip to the curb, is used to transfer and installation of curb and curb stones. Load capacity 600 kg Price per 1 piece 18200 RUB
Our equipment makes it easier and faster installation and removal of road curbs!
Will deliver in a short time.
Racks for storing rope, cordage, twine, sling, cable
We carry out delivery of shelving for storage (warehousing) and unwinding coils, coils, reels with long products (rope, slings, climbing rope, twine and other)
This equipment can be used for storing various kinds of long products, as well as giving the device for unwinding the production of winding machines in warehouses and shops. Compact, convenient, mobile.
On customer request it is possible to install on the rack measuring unit for measuring the unwinding of products.
The complete set of wheel bearings for easy movement around the warehouse, the sales area or anchorage for fixed mounting to the floor. Produce shelves of already presented on the website of the range, or to customer's specifications. Overall dimensions of the rack, the number of tiers, razornet, the size and number of cable reels, color determined by the customer's specifications. Razornet shelves minimizes transportation costs.
As optional extras to the racks we offer for supply of metal coils, drums.
Manufacturing time is from 14 to 21 days.
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Detailed information You can get by phone: 8(967)432-39-94