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Offer type: salePublished: 16.04.2013
Seller:Menedzher Ekaterina
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
In our range:
1. The roller Assembly suspended:
- roller suspension 1-roll RP-1 (width 80; 150 mm);
the roller suspension 2-high SPM-2 (width 80; 150 mm);
- roller suspension 3-roll SPM-3 (width 80; 150 mm).
2. The roller mounting trench:
- roller trench straight RP-1 (width 80 mm; 150 mm);
- roller trench corner 3-roll, MOUTH-3 (width 150 mm);
- roller trench corner 4-roll horizontal, MOUTH-4G (width 150 mm);
- roller trench corner 4-roll vertical, MOUTH-4B (width 150 mm).
These products are compact, practical and convenient in operation. In stock in St. Petersburg.
Also make mounting clips for installation of cable routes, cable overhead transmission lines under the order according to customer's specifications for cable of any diameter.
Detailed information You can get by phone: 8(967)432-39-94